# Release Notes - OpenTAP 9.5

# New Features:

  • Hashes of files in TapPackages #50
  • Improve process of referencing assembly from other TapPackage. #57
  • Multiselect list of ITestSteps #58
  • Allow TestSteps to access results from other steps #59
  • Add libiovisa to the search in Visa.cs #63
  • Creating a new project with the OpenTAP SDK should use a NuGet version corresponding to the installed version. #64
  • Allow For Classes Containing Common Properties to be Used #65
  • Input to support selecting parent steps #71
  • Support External Parameters of type List<string> #76
  • Max size for all session log files increased to a total of 2GB #79

# Usability Improvements:

  • Http Package Repository Download is the cause of zombie processes #56
  • IVersionConvert throws exception whenever starting a debug session#61
  • TypeData.GetTypeData is ambiguous when using it with a Type object. #62
  • Place log files in the SessionLog folder and not in subfolders #83
  • Added package dependency on serializer plugins
  • Sweep loop range now clears parameters

# Bug Fixes:

  • tap package list errors out while packages are being uploaded to repo #17
  • tap package list with package name and --installed yields unexpected result #44
  • Properties with no getters break typedata #52
  • Run Program step can't run tap on windows #75
  • Fixed a bug where invalid station macro caused a crash
  • --results "" now disables all result listeners

# Other:

  • Add Owner xml element to Package Definition #48
  • Extensible Plugin/Type Searcher #53
  • Input throws IndexOutOfRange exception when PropertyName is set #69
  • Add LicenseRequired and SourceUrl to package definition #72
  • TestStep.PlanRun is null during PrePlanRun and PostPlanRun #74