# Release Notes - OpenTAP 9.7

# New Features:

  • Slimmer runtime docker image #13
  • CLI option: tap package show #107
  • {MyField} curly brace templating in step name for Enum values. #120
  • Support a Retry in Repeat step that does not affect Test Plan Verdict #141

# Usability Improvements:

  • libc6-dev is a prerequisite to run OpenTAP on Linux #66
  • Add description to TestStep.Name and TestStep.Enabled #103
  • Building examples leads to "Multiple assemblies of different versions" message when running tap.exe #116
  • Result Listener generated from tap sdk new resultlistener does not have a name #123
  • Add a Rule to the SCPI step to validate a command with a "?" is paired with the Query action #134
  • Improved SCPI Instrument Settings #165
  • Ping Step from Examples: Pinging an unreachable address gives a success message #177

# Bug Fixes:

  • Rule validation not enforced for test plan meta data prompt. #30
  • DUT ID parameter meta data prompt changes are not set before OnTestPlanRunStart(TestPlanRun planRun) is called. #35
  • Missing dependency DLL on Windows after building plugin package #70
  • Deleting rows from Sweep Loop always causes the last row to be deleted #112
  • Test Plan Reference does not get a IStringReadOnlyValueAnnotation #115
  • EnabledIfAttribute not working on GUI Button #138
  • Enabled<T> not working with SweepLoop #144
  • Unhandled exception in Sweep Loop when updating parameters on multiple sweep loops at the same time #148
  • Break conditions - different behavior for same setting If Verdict vs Time Guard #153
  • Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array. #156
  • Git version warning on first commit #158
  • tap sdk gitversion to work on Linux. Minor compatible change libcurl3 is no longer supported for git integration, instead use libcurl4. This change was made to avoid using an obsolete libcurl that could not be installed alongside libcurl4. #159
  • Multi-select method annotation does not work #188
  • Multi-Select FilePath Property: Browse only modifies first selected #189
  • TypeData.DerivedTypes returns null and not an empty array on no derived types #190
  • Wrong character encoding in HttpRepository #192
  • Linux docker images does not support gitversion #195
  • TestStep name annotation no longer uses GetFormattedName #160
  • Cannot upgrade once downgraded to OpenTAP 9.6 #198
  • OpenTAP Linux: After manually upgrading OpenTAP, tap command gives an error #199

# Documentation:

  • Developer Guide: package.xml documentation lacking #67
  • API Reference page: docs.opentap.io/api #146
  • Document "Break Conditions" behavior in user documentation #163
  • CLI reference commands missing (documentation) #166
  • Pages for chapters are weird on doc.opentap.io #171
  • Add dotnet core runtime to the dependencies section on docs #201