# Release Notes - OpenTAP 9.9

# New Features:

  • Add support for promptUser in MetaData in ComponentSettings #170
  • The tap package show CLI action should display the latest compatible release version #184
  • Add globbing attribute to OpenTapPackageReference #209
  • Package Create: Less greedy package dependency detection #264
  • Added cancellation token to Run Program test step #270
  • Add tags support in TapPackage metadata #275
  • Allow a TestPlan object to be annotated #302

# Usability Improvements:

  • Obsolete ResultListenerIgnoreAttribute #29
  • Remove .NET Core 2.1.503 from Linux docker image #36
  • Issues passing external parameter related to a dropdown menu via CLI #176
  • Test run execution gives success message even if the test plan depends on a plugin that is not installed #205
  • Add INSTALL.sh test to CI #207
  • The folder structure created by tap sdk new is problematic #223
  • Sweep parameter step to show name of the parameter(s) being swept #265
  • Support Http Range Headers to resume failed package download #257
  • Improve performance with regards to running very quick test plans #272
  • Better handling of assembly version conflicts between packages' DLL dependencies #292
  • Uninformative error message when instrument/dut driver is not configured #314
  • Set TapMutex when running a CLI action #317

# Bug Fixes:

  • Handle input step (Examples): Dynamic Input Value property is not displayed correctly #162
  • tap.exe: Nothing happens after "waiting for files to become unlocked" message when files become unlocked #169
  • SDK has two OpenTAP dependencies #180
  • CLI process does not get a chance to finish #262
  • Several issues with tap sdk gitversion #263
  • Sweep: Removed step (and parameter) are still displayed in the log when executed #268
  • Cannot locate System.Net.IPAddress type #277
  • Package install overwrites existing files #281
  • Deferred Results step's abort behavior: abort does not wait for Deferred Results, and there is no indication about abort at all #288
  • ComponentSettings don't work reliable #289
  • The Run Program step's PrePlanRun should not check if the working directory exists #297
  • TestPlanReference load sometimes does not update #298
  • ComponentSettingsList does not use DisplayAttribute name #301
  • tap package verify fails on Linux for OpenTAP and SDK #303
  • SDK/Examples should depend on OpenTAP 9.8 #305
  • Creating new project using CLI has old NuGet version #307
  • External parameters from a .csv file can only be used if the CSV plugin is installed #311

# Documentation:

  • Ensure docs are using https instead of http where applicable #117
  • Document OpenTAP annotation system #202